Shanghai Supertek Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the research and development and the production of environmental friendly lighting products, which concentrates on producing LED lights, HID electronic ballasts and lamp bulbs, and low-frequency electrodeless lamps. The company possesses several automatic production lines that are so far the most advanced in China, as well as the capacity that can meet the needs of high-demand and massive production. Its products are elaborately manufactured with high-quality imported materials, internationally advanced technology. Supertek is an innovation-type company in rapid development, which persists in attaching importance to scientific research, technological innovation, and new product development, constantly strengthening the sustainable innovation ability of the products so as to promote the systematic competence; the company has a strong technology research and development team and power, and has established a research and development center for structure, electron, and light source whose several items of innovation technology obtain national patents each year. The company has gone through the authentication of the series of UL, ETL, SAA and so on, and its products can meet the demands of customers in different areas.

As a leader in the green lighting industry in China, Supertek deems it its duty to provide superior illumination for human beings. It will always concentrate on each illumination field such as industrial illumination, commercial lighting, field lighting, roadway illumination, city lightening, office lighting, residential lighting, architectural lighting, and vegetative lighting: to protect the human working and living environment and build a safe, comfortable, anti-fatigue and high-efficient  laboring and manufacturing atmosphere; concentrate on architectural lighting to endow the architecture with soul and life and to build a clean, healthy, energy-saving and exquisite architectural luminous environment; concentrate on commercial illumination to beautify the commercial shopping environment and to embody the value and enchantment of the shopping mall; and concentrate on vegetative lighting to endow the plants with light rays and power to make up for the seasonal climate,  to create  an easy and controllable growing environment like spring for plants and make the plants glowing with charming appearance and thriving vitality.

Looking forward to the future, Supertek will regard innovation as its soul, take talents as its principle, and be market-oriented, make quality as its life, exert management to promote its efficiency, and achieve development with its brand. It will keep going and forge ahead, and devote itself in providing more professional and higher-quality illumination services, and develop and flourish together with the world illumination industry and by unremitting efforts, it will create a more harmonious and better life for human beings!



Core  Values  

Endeavor & Innovation -- Endeavor for survival, innovation for development 

Honesty & Integrity -- Building trust, undertaking responsibility 

Customer-Oriented -- To create more value for customers 

Cooperation & Sharing -- To forge ahead with determination, to share happiness and success 

Care for the Earth - To create a better future for the earth's ecology 

Company Vision 

Leading green technology 
        -- Creating happy and harmony homes for people  








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